Former President Barack Obama was certainly not known for his support of conservative values.

Obama used every opportunity possible to work against Republicans and create messy deals like the Paris Climate Agreement, and enforce policies like Obamacare which backfired for everyday Americans.

Now, as President Trump works to clean up Obama’s mess, a new scandal is breaking in an Obama-era government agency, and Trump will not stand for it.

The Federal Communications Commission was caught red-handed giving preferential treatment to liberal media outlets.

An upper-level official was first caught in 2014 giving favored status to left-leaning groups to make it easier to access their websites and publicize liberal comments.

The Daily Caller reported:

Details of the highly friendly support were first described by then-The Washington Post’s Nancy Scola, who referred to it as an “unusual collaboration” in an in-depth report on the FCC’s filing system. Those details became significantly more incriminating after Mike Wendy, director of the market-oriented nonprofit MediaFreedom, recently received once-classified pieces of electronic communications years after he filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Wendy alleges that, along with other conservative organizations, they were not given the same effortful and enthusiastic treatment their liberal counterparts received.

The issue had to do with “net neutrality”, which allows websites to be freely searched without interruption, like being flagged as spam.

Essentially, the FCC made it so liberal sites received preferential treatment and were made easier to search. Meanwhile, right-leaning sites were made more difficult to gain access to as a result.

The Daily Caller reported:

The FCC hosted a period in 2014 where anyone could submit feedback on so-called net neutrality, a nebulous term loosely defined as the principle that internet service providers have no right to discriminate against certain forms of traffic (like spam), nor to offer faster speeds to higher-paying customers. For supporters (usually liberal), it means all traffic receives equal treatment. For critics (usually conservative), net neutrality is a government takeover that prevents companies from investing in faster infrastructure. The FCC at the time invited people to publish their thoughts about net neutrality on the public filing system in an attempt to have the rule-making process for internet regulation as democratic as possible. But how democratic and equal that process was can now be called into question.

The FCC is just one example of Obama-era influences that need to be removed from the government – something President Trump is focusing on carrying out in his first term as President.

He’s already rid the FBI of its director, James Comey, and has worked to “drain the swamp” of corrupt government officials.

In doing so, the President has shown he will take charge of any situation in which conservatives are being treated unfairly.

Do you believe that those involved in this FCC scandal should be investigated, or even fired?

Do you think President Trump is doing a good job of ridding the government of those who favor Obama-era policies?

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