Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.39.06 AMRemember when the ill-advised Affordable Health Care Act rolled out perfectly?

Neither does anyone else, because it never happened.

When the government’s healthcare website rolled out there were numerous problems with the online portal, and hundreds of thousands of people had a tough time complying with the federal mandate to sign up for healthcare insurance.

And now there’s yet another, even more burdensome ACA problem that’s just come to light.

The federal government has given up to 800,000 people the wrong tax information, causing some people to have to re-file their taxes.

The Obama administration only recently noticed the glitch and has asked that many people hold off on filing their taxes (no word on if they’d incur a penalty or not for late filing).

The mistake has caused the government to miscalculate tax credits, some too high, some too low. You can be sure if people received too much the government will be demanding their money back ASAP, as well as those who receive too little will probably experience a severe delay in the delivery of their tax credit.

As the AP notes:

The tax error highlights the complicated links between Obama’s health care law and taxes, connections that consumers will experience for the first time this year. The law subsidizes private health insurance for people who don’t have access to job-based coverage.

By delivering those subsidies through the income tax system, the White House and the law’s supporters were able to tout the health care overhaul as a tax cut. But it also introduced new wrinkles to an already-complicated tax system.

The problem isn’t unique to the federal government either.

California noted they too are experiencing similar problems and some 100,000 individuals who used their healthcare exchange will also have to delay their taxes.

And even though the federal enrollment period for enrolling in the program just ended on Feb 15th, the government has decided yet again to offer another enrollment period.

The Hill writes:

The Obama administration will hold a second enrollment period for the federal insurance exchanges this year to give people a chance to avoid a new tax penalty for going without insurance.

The enrollment period will run from March 15 to April 30, at the height of tax filing season, officials said.

Congressional Democrats and advocacy groups had been pushing for the new enrollment period, arguing that millions of people are still unaware of the penalty and should be able to sign up for health insurance once they learn of it.

If the program is such a good idea you’d think more Americans would be enthusiastic about it and would do what they can to adopt Obamacare.

But they’re not. They’re doing whatever they can to avoid both Obamacare insurance and the tax penalty.

And part of the reason is just how bogus the legislation really is.

The solution to problems like this is obvious: Have the ACA repealed. Then and only then would Americans have the ability to get their healthcare needs met without the need to worry about the government dropping the ball continuously.

Do you think the ACA has a chance of being repealed? Let us know in the comments below.