Establishment darling Mitt Romney is teasing a political comeback.

At a gathering of his big donors, guests speculated about his future.

And it could include a run that would spell disaster for Donald Trump.

Romney hosted a gathering for his big money donors in Deer Valley, Utah.

These guests are the elite of the elite and long for the day when the establishment will run the GOP again.

And they are no fans of Donald Trump.

At the event, Romney sat for a question and answers session and was asked about his desire to run for a Senate seat in Utah in 2020.

Politico reports:

“During an annual gathering of Romney’s top donors and political allies at a posh ski resort here, the former Massachusetts governor outlined his concerns with how Trump is conducting his “America First” brand of foreign policy, sketched out early plans to boost a big-spending super PAC dedicated to saving the party’s imperiled House majority, and even stoked speculation that he’s thinking about a Senate bid.

On Friday night, in a private appearance with former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrat raised eyebrows when he told Romney he should consider running for Senate. Romney, who has refused to quash persistent speculation he might seek Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch’s seat should he forgo seeking reelection, did not push back at the suggestion, said two people who witnessed the exchange between the two former rivals.

As the audience applauded, Romney only smiled.”

At the same event, former Vice President Joe Biden also encouraged Romney to run for the Senate.

CNN reports:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden is encouraging onetime rival Mitt Romney to return to public life and run for Senate.

Biden spoke at Romney’s ideas summit, an annual gathering of donors and business leaders in Utah.

During a private event Friday night in Park City, Biden called Romney a man of integrity and said he should mount a challenge next year, according to two people in the room.

“By the way, you should run for Senate,” one attendee quoted Biden as saying. The comment was quick and off-hand, but the crowd of Romney loyalists appreciated it and applauded.”

Romney’s establishment pals are looking for compliant Republicans to reassert the donor class’s control of the party’s agenda.

Party elites believe Trump’s America First message will sink the party in 2018.

But Trump’s message won the day in 2016.

What establishment Republicans really fear are GOP voters continuing to reject the ruling class agenda of open borders, global trade deals, and interventionist foreign policy.

Installing Romney in the Senate would give the establishment a champion to lead the charge against Trump’s policies.

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