Democrats and the media are building up Michelle Obama as a possible 2020 contender.

They are desperate to remove Trump and stage an Obama restoration.

Now she revealed her true plans about running in 2020.

Once again, Michelle Obama shot down any rumors of her running for President.

But her announcement that she was releasing a book after the November midterms fueled speculation that she was using its release, along with a subsequent book tour, as a launching pad for a 2020 run against Trump.

Fox News Channel’s Juan Williams even authored an op-ed declaring she was one of three candidates who could defeat the President.

Still, during the Klick Health MUSE event in New York, the former First Lady once again declared she was not running for President.

Business Insider reports:

“Those interactions have helped to solidify her plans, which aren’t likely to involve running for office.

“This is why I’m not going to run for president,” she said. “Because I think it’s a better investment to invest in creating thousands of mes.”

Rather than having one “Michelle Obama” vying for the presidency, she hopes to help more people get into leadership positions.

“We don’t need just one — we need thousands and thousands,” Obama said.

Obama spent eight years in the White House as the first lady. The idea of swapping spots with her husband, former President Barack Obama, doesn’t appeal to her.

“As an older leader, I think an important part of leadership is stepping out of the way and making room,” Michelle Obama said.

If she were to decide to run for office, it would limit the country, she said.

“We’re not finding that new energy out there,” she said.”

But the longing for Michelle Obama to run for office revealed something else about the Democrat field.

Obama’s two terms in office saw Democrats lose 1,000 seats at all levels of government.

That wiped out a generation of Democrats who could run for higher office.

Now their best-known candidates will either be in their 70’s by the time 2020 rolls around – Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren – or first-term office holders with no national profile.

Do you think the Democrats will be able to field a credible candidate in 2020?

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