Cartoons, online journals, and a disturbing video took precedence over a tragedy in an American market last week.

After a mountain of warning signs went ignored, Randy Stair, 24, barricaded himself into the market he worked at and shot three of his coworkers before turning the gun on himself.

But since the mainstream media went full-radio silence on the shooting, it’s likely you didn’t know about it.

Normally, the liberal media would be all over a tragedy like this, clamoring to ban pistol-grip shotguns, which was the weapon used in the crime.

The left normally raises a huge racket over the smallest infraction involving guns.

In Indiana of 2012, a negligent gun discharge – with no injuries – in a parking lot outside a gun show was covered in news statewide for a week.

But now, after a triple homicide/suicide in a public place – silence.

It would not be politically correct to discuss this one, because the crazed ramblings should have warned those around Stair that he was about to become unhinged, revolving around his hatred of men, and his realization that he is transgendered.

The Federalist Papers reported:

It was later learned that he had been an avid YouTuber who left a disturbing “Goodbye” video in which he admitted to feeling like a woman and hating all men, not to mention “people who aren’t white” and, in fact, “the human race,” according to Heat Street.

“I hate guys, I think they’re f–king disgusting — the facial hair they have, the body hair, the muscle build, and all that f–king body structure shit,” he said. “I hate. Everything about guys I hate. And the fact that I was forced to live as one, you know, that hurt a lot. And also, I hated my name, too. My life was a living hell.”

He went on to explain how he used to think he was gay but eventually realized he was not.

“Spiritually, I’m a woman,” he said. “I’m a female soul. But I had to live in a man’s body to do what I set out to do. I was my soul contract. It was what I was meant to do. And I just was so happy to know that I wasn’t gay.”

The focus of his disturbing diatribe centered on a series of cartoons reportedly populated with female characters that helped him get in touch with his feminine side and eventually spurred him into committing Thursday’s massacre.

So, not only was the shooter transgender and motivated by a hatred of men, but he was also homophobic and racist.

In their need to maintain a politically motivated narrative that violence is committed only by conservative white men, and that those men are the only ones capable of homophobia, sexism, or racism, leftist news outlets had no idea how to handle this topic.

So they omitted the story.

It’s hard to tell if this approach is better or worse than the “no true Scotsman” game the media has been playing with transgender criminals in the news.

After Target made a national issue of its transgender-friendly bathroom policies, the media insisted the following cases of men following young girls into bathrooms and photographing them in dressing rooms weren’t “really transgender.”

This fallacy has gotten completely out of hand.

According to the left, parents should believe their four-year-old daughter is actually a boy one day – even though last week she claimed she was a puppy – and might go back to wanting to be a princess the next.

But if a man who claims to be transgender turns out to also be a pervert, no one is obligated to believe him. He was “obviously” not really transgender.

A possible reason for the change in media tactic regarding Randy Stair though could be that this man was clearly mentally ill.

Many doctors, such as Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins University and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, believe that transgenderism in and of itself is a mental disorder.

The LGBTQ+ community and other leftist groups with no background in psychology, but a penchant for “acceptance or else”, are pushing back hard on that classification.

In fact, transgenderism which was featured so prominently in the online journals and video confession may be the reason no one reported that this young man needed treatment and should have been separated from those he might hurt.

It is considered politically incorrect to draw any connections between the mentally ill and transgenderism, even if you do not believe that transgenderism itself is its own mental illness.

The current narrative is that transgendered people can do no wrong, and if they do something objectively heinous, then – and only then – can the public decide whether the criminal “was not really transgendered.”

This slaughter most likely could have been prevented, if someone had been willing to reach out to the authorities or at least Randy Stair’s place of employment.

However, fear of being labeled a bigot likely discouraged someone from doing just that.

Or, even worse, someone may have initially been worried about the disturbing nature of Stair’s internet content, but then convinced by the left that it was not as threatening as it seemed – after all, the man in the video mostly only hated white men, and was transgender.