Establishment media has been creating a wild narrative of deceit and espionage since the 2016 election.

While certain facts that have come to light were proven true, ultimately, they are fake news stories at best.

But now a new story has been revealed involving “Russia bots”—and the plot is baffling.

Media outlets are now spreading inaccurate stories about these “Russia bots”, according to the group whose data is being cited in the story.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN have used the same source who is now backpedaling on their original information.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy Hamilton’s 68 dashboard has now been used to blame “Russia bots” for boosting conspiracy theories.

The Daily Caller reported:

Most of the reporting on the dashboard is “inherently inaccurate,” the alliance’s communication’s director, Bret Schafer, told The Daily Caller News Foundation over the weekend.

“Most notably, and this is the most common error, we don’t track bots, or, more specifically, bots are only a small portion of the network that we monitor,” Schafer said.

“We’ve tried to make this point clear in all our published reporting, yet most of the third party reporting on the dashboard continues to appear with some variation of the headline ‘Russian bots are pushing X …’” he said. “This is inherently inaccurate.”

Examples abound of the kind of article Schafer described.

Business Insider on April 1 published an article titled, “Russian bots are rallying behind embattled Fox News host Laura Ingraham as advertisers dump her show.” The article racked up over 100,000 views.

The Washington Post told its readers that “Russian bots have flooded Twitter with false information” about the Parkland school shooting, citing the BI report in an article the next day titled, “Russian bots are tweeting their support of embattled Fox News host Laura Ingraham.”

The article in question focused on two sources, both of which were changed and misrepresented.

The Daily Caller continued:

The first was a 2800 percent increase in a pro-Ingraham hashtag on the Hamilton dashboard. But the vast majority of the accounts tracked by the dashboard aren’t bots, according to Schafer.

The second source BI and WaPo misrepresented is, which two University of California Berkeley students launched to track roughly 1,500 “propaganda bots.” Both news outlets claimed that Botcheck’s data showed “Russia-linked accounts” were backing Ingraham in large numbers.

Schafer couldn’t rule out that pro-Russia Americans could be among the accounts tracked on the Hamilton 68 dashboard. Researchers “weed out” any known American accounts from the list of monitored accounts, he told TheDCNF, and he said the list is believed to be 95-98 percent accurate.

Still, he said, “We can’t be certain whether some accounts are run by those impersonating average Americans or by average Americans who are heavily engaged with pro-Kremlin content.”

What Schafer is certain about: the Hamilton 68 dashboard doesn’t represent an army of Russian bots.

Do you believe Russia bots are responsible for any sort of political bid being fed online?

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