Liberal media outlets are not known for their depiction of the truth, but one news organization just took it to a whole other level.

The Huffington Post recently retracted an article they had published the week prior, due to its incredibly inappropriate and vile content.

Though the newspaper pulled the article in a timely manner, it is still receiving massive backlash for its incredibly offensive attack against President Trump.

The article was written by Huffington Post contributor Jason Fuller, and called for President Trump to “receive the ultimate punishment” for his crimes.

In the title, Fuller claims Trump must be “prosecuted – if convicted in a court of law – executed.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Fuller’s piece contained rhetoric and imagery that seems tasteless, particularly after Wednesday’s events. Fuller boldly declares in the title that “Trump must be prosecuted — if convicted in a court of law — executed.” Fuller doesn’t stop there, however, as he insists that “impeachment isn’t enough” to “drain the swamp,” and to do so means doling out the “ultimate punishment [execution]” in order to fully restore the moral compass of the U.S.

Fuller’s “ultimate punishment” is not only reserved for the president, but also for “everyone assisting in his agenda,” including Republican Reps. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and White House strategist Steve Bannon. Fuller claims that “all must face justice” by being tried, convicted and ultimately executed for treason.

This tone comes from a man who self-describes as “critical” of “bullying and extremism.” Fuller uses the term “execution” twice and “ultimate punishment” twice more thereafter as a euphemism for execution, in a piece claiming that those he disagrees with committed “treason.”

Fuller’s article has since been removed from the website, but no comment has been made thus far on whether Fuller will be contributing to the Huffington Post after this incident.

In the wake of recent shootings of Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several other political members, tensions are at an all-time high, and no threat is being taken too lightly.

Though the article was published as a sort of satire, Capitol Police responded to the violence promoted by the article.

When will the violence from the left cease?

Liberals continually contribute to this media narrative of violence against conservative values, and it has gotten them nowhere.

Regardless of their attempts, Donald Trump is still President — and doing well as President, whether the left likes it or not.

Do you think the writer of this article should be condemned for his encouragement of violence against the President?

Or are his actions protected under his First Amendment rights?

Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below


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