Former President Obama and his liberal followers have been creating a certain narrative about Russian election interference in the USA over the past few months.

And while Obama has always struggled to come up with evidence to back his claims, liberals gripped onto the story and bent it into fake news anyways.

But not surprisingly, documents from the National Security Agency were just published that reveal Obama was lying about the situation he had wanted so badly to blow up in President Trump’s administration.

Obama claimed Russia had interfered in the election, but that the hacking had ceased after he told Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the interference.

He also claimed that WikiLeaks were the true mastermind behind the issue, as they continued the leaks after Putin had stopped Russian attacks.

But now, leaked NSA documents prove that Russia engaged in election-related hacking efforts days before the election – completely contradicting everything President Obama had said.

The Daily Caller reports:

Speaking at a year-end news conference in December, Obama told the public that Russian interference in the election ceased after he told Russian President Vladimir Putin to “cut it out” in early September. Russia’s cyberattacks stopped after warnings of “serious consequences” if they continued, Obama said.

“What I was concerned about in particular was making sure [the DNC hack] wasn’t compounded by potential hacking that could hamper vote counting, affect the actual election process itself,” Obama said. “So in early September when I saw President Putin in China, I felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn’t happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out and there were going to be serious consequences if he didn’t. And in fact we did not see further tampering of the election process.”

“But the leaks through WikiLeaks had already occurred,” Obama said, indicating that any further election interference was the result of emails released by WikiLeaks in the days and weeks leading up to the election.

In other words, though Obama promised the American people that Russia no longer had any influence in the American political system, he was too egotistical to realize that simply commanding the President of Russia to do something didn’t actually mean it would be done.

The authenticity of the leaked documents has been proven by U.S. officials, and the U.S. Department of Justice charged the woman who leaked the documents on Monday.

The documents also reveal two other election-related hacking efforts were launched in October – even after Obama supposedly told Putin to “cut it out”.

Though the exact extent of any election interference is unclear, many believe Obama to have been too soft on the Russians following their alleged interference.

The Daily Caller reports:

The success of the hacking operations is unclear, but their existence appears to directly contradict Obama’s claim that his warning to Putin resulted in no further election-related meddling. Furthermore, the leaks indicate that Russia went after the exacttarget — voting processes — that Obama supposedly stopped them from targeting.

Obama’s claim that he pressured Putin into ceasing tampering with the American electoral process came amid criticisms that his softness on Russia was to blame in part for the nation’s meddling in the election.

It was only after Donald Trump’s electoral victory that Obama levied sanctions against the Russians. President Trump is expected to uphold those sanctions.

One month after his inauguration, President Trump questioned whether Obama was “too soft on Russia.”

Again, the situation is quickly proving that Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party are only concerned with what benefits them, as opposed to what benefits the American people, as Obama did not lead any sanctions against Russia until after the election was over, despite his allegations.

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