John McCain, who claims to fight for conservative values, seems hellbent in his efforts to denounce President Trump as an authority figure.

The Arizona Republican senator recently made some comments in support of a former Democratic leader, and even claimed President Trump cannot act as a world leader.

His most recent form of betrayal originated in an interview with The Guardian, a British based paper, last week.

McCain relayed to The Guardian that he believes former President Barack Obama was a better world leader than President Trump has been.

On social media, McCain frequently attacks the current political right and goes against conservative values.

In fact, McCain’s recent tweets have more than alluded to the fact he thinks America is falling behind in the world, and blames President Trump for America’s supposed decline.

The Daily Caller reported:

Republican Senator John McCain said former president Barack Obama was a better world leader than current President Donald Trump. The Arizona senator, who is increasingly strident in his attacks against the president, made the remarks to the The Guardian, a British daily, late Sunday.

McCain said Trump’s frequent exclamations on social media have sent out a message that “America doesn’t want to lead.”

He insisted the president has left U.S. allies in a policy vacuum where they are “not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or Antarctica.”

McCain is went so far as to suggest that Obama — against whom McCain ran as the Republican presidential standard-bearer — was a better world leader than Trump, saying that America’s standing with the world was better under the Democratic president “as far as American leadership is concerned.”

McCain’s anti-conservative behavior first started during the Republican presidential primaries when Trump questioned McCain’s history of being a self-proclaimed “war hero”.

And now McCain seems stuck on opposing Trump on every turn, frequently questioning his motivations and policies, and at one point, called for an open investigation against President Trump.

The Daily Caller reported:

McCain’s first brush with Trump came during the Republican presidential primaries when candidate Trump questioned McCain’s bonafides as a “war hero.” Since Trump became president, McCain has repeatedly second-guessed his policy initiatives and his actions, partially blaming Trump for the Syrian chemical gas attack and forcefully calling for an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the presidential election. Last week, while questioning former FBI director James Comey, McCain appeared confused and disorientated, at one point addressing Comey as “President Comey.”

John McCain’s political allegiances seem to be in a whirlwind as of now, but as President Trump continues to lead America into a better place, McCain will need to get with the program if he wishes to stay relevant in the political world.

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