Arizona Senator John McCain has built his political identity of being labeled a “maverick” by repeatedly stabbing conservatives in the back.

McCain is about to cement that legacy once and for all.

He is planning one final betrayal of the President and it will make your blood boil.

John McCain and his political team have apparently put a succession plan in place for after he can no longer serve as Arizona’s senior senator.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will apparently appoint McCain’s wife Cindy to replace him.

Newsmax reports:

“As Arizonans prepare for their final salute to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Republicans and political pundits in the state privately tell Newsmax they expect the appointment of his wife, Cindy, to succeed him in the Senate.

Of course, no one in the Grand Canyon State who spoke to us wants to go on record discussing what will happen when the ailing McCain no longer holds his seat. But those who did, agree almost unanimously, Cindy McCain following John in the Senate through appointment by Gov. Doug Ducey, R-Ariz., is a near certainty.

“I’ve always assumed that was the arrangement,” said a friend of the McCain family since John’s 1973 return from captivity in Vietnam.

A former Republican senator who served with McCain agreed: 

“I don’t know if this [succession] has been formalized, but that’s what people who know John tell me…

…One source close to the McCain family said supporters of the senator have quietly let Gov. Ducey know Cindy is the choice of “Team McCain.”

Cindy McCain in the Senate would not be welcome news for Donald Trump or conservatives.

Trump romped in Arizona’s Republican Presidential primary and carried the state in the General Election.

Instead of appointing a senator in line with the President’s America First agenda, Ducey would appoint Cindy McCain to continue McCain’s brand of liberalism.

Cindy McCain is a cheerleader for homosexual marriage and supports keeping legalized abortion in place.

Cindy McCain would also certainly fight the President’s pro-America immigration reforms and push for amnesty for illegal aliens.

A Cindy McCain appointment would mean the GOP establishment is still at war with Donald Trump.

Instead of accepting the reality that Republican voters support Trump’s push to limit immigration, multi-national global trade deals, and foreign interventions, beltway Republicans – led by John McCain – are more determined than ever to block the President’s agenda.

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