Most Americans are disappointed in the quality of our elected officials, especially in Washington D.C. A majority of members of Congress come from the public sector and have little to no experience in the business world.

And since healthcare (more specifically ObamaCare) is the most vulnerable issue for incumbent Democrats, why not have someone with medical experience run in 2014 or 2016?

While the Republican nominee for President is far from certain, there is someone who’s a “sleeper” candidate gradually gaining more support. He has experience in medicine and business… knows what needs to be done to improve health care… and has been warmly received by conservatives and Republicans around the country.

Who is this “under the radar” candidate who’s growing in popularity? He is a retired neurosurgeon named Dr. Ben Carson.

Here’s a recent rousing speech Dr. Carson gave at the annual CPAC convention (Dr. Carson starts talking at the 4:30 mark):

In most elections a political “outsider” like Dr. Carson wouldn’t have a good chance of winning the nomination. However, this current election year is unlike most in recent American history. A majority of Americans are unhappy with Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the White House.

A March 2014 Gallup poll showed a 15% approval rating for Congress, and a January 2014 Gallup poll gave the President 46.5% approval. Any number under 50% isn’t good for an incumbent politician. Here are some reasons for these low approval numbers:

The more that Americans know about the ObamaCare plan, the less they seem to like it. Higher insurance premiums, cancellations of previously existing policies… and an arrogant President telling citizens to cut other bills so they can pay for health insurance are turning many people off to this “new and improved” health care plan.

A growing number of Tea Party, libertarian-leaning and grass-roots Republicans are unhappy with the weak Congressional leadership of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. They want principled candidates who truly want to limit the size and scope of government, and will make an attempt to rein in the size, scope and influence of “Fedzilla” in our everyday lives.

More conservative voters are less willing to “hold their nose” and vote for a Republican candidate simply because he has an “R” beside his name. A sizable number of conservatives voted for a 3rd-party candidate or didn’t vote at all in the 2012 election because they saw Mitt Romney as a Democrat in GOP clothing.

Republican leadership around the country needs to run better candidates and have a more compelling message than “the other guy is worse than our guy.”

Candidates who are political “outsiders” or business people will fit this bill better than incumbents or candidates who have run for office before. That’s why Dr. Ben Carson has at least a “puncher’s chance” to win the GOP nomination in 2016.