It has already become increasingly evident that, although Barack Obama’s time in office has come to a close, the rippling effects of his presidency have still not left us (and will likely not leave us for an extended period of time – probably years).

One of the most shocking pieces of evidence that conclude this is the recent statistics found within an official governmental report. These statistics show that the administration under Obama demanded for the unmasking of approximately 3 times more Americans during 2016 than they did in the previous year.

“Unmasking” – a term unbeknownst to many – dictates the uncovering of the names of Americans whose communications have been monitored during foreign surveillance.

According todata uncovered in the reports on this topic, the identities of almost 2,000 U.S citizens were unmasked in 2016. These names were all requested by the Obama administration. This number was quite larger than the number of identities that were requested to be unmasked in 2015…nearly triple, in fact. Only 654 names were requested in 2015.

According to WorldNetDaily:

…No explanation is given for why the accounting method should have suddenly changed, or precisely how that change accounted for such a dramatic increase.

The note simply said, “A single request may contain multiple U.S. person identities.” It did not say such requests sought, on average, three separate identities. It also did not provide statistics to prove that, in fact, was the case.

The report was released at the end of April, meaning it was compiled under the Obama administration. Dan Coats became the director of national intelligence on March 16. The report was prepared under his predecessor, James Clapper, who served in that position from August 9, 2010 until January 20, 2017.

That is the same DNI Clapper who lied to Congress in March 2013, by answering, “No,” when asked, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

Revelations made just months later by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden forced Clapper to admit his answer had been untrue.

Another Obama administration official who lied about spying was former National Security Adviser Susan Rice who, during an appearance on PBS on March 22, denied any knowledge of the unmasking of associates of candidate and President-elect Trump, collected in foreign surveillance.

Two weeks later, multiple reports identified Rice as the Obama administration official who requested the unmasking of incoming Trump administration officials on several occasions.

As WND reported, Rice implicitly acknowledged she was not telling the truth when she did not deny the reports in a subsequent interview with NBC.

Based on this disturbing news, it is clear that there needs to be quick affirmation and action that needs to take place. This, as suggested by attorney John Hinderaker, needs to be in the form of witness testimony.

However, Susan Rice (who was the first to be questioned to testify to these allegations) has already refused to appear before the Senate to inquire further about this matter.

It has become evident that the Obama administration is flatly shutting out every opportunity possible to discuss this matter. This should come as no surprise – especially since the Obama administration made it a habit of avoiding and rebuffing any accusation of scandal that’s come its way from the get-go.

Time will tell what comes of the details found in the report; however, based on the untrustworthy history of the Obama administration, it is doubtful the American public will ever get the answers it deserves.