Billionaire George Soros funded group, Democracy 21, is trying to shut down an investigation into the Obama administration’s use of US intelligence assets to spy on the Trump campaign.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was sidelined from Russia inquiry after the leftist media monitoring group alleged he had disclosed classified information.

According to the Democracy 21 web site, their organization is supposed to “work to eliminate the undue influence of big money in American politics, prevent government corruption, empower citizens in the political process and ensure the integrity and fairness of government decisions and elections. The organization promotes campaign finance reform and other related political reforms to accomplish these goals.”

The attack on Rep. Nunes is outside their mission, and not what they told the IRS they would do, nor the stated goals they tell their donors.

But they are pressing on with their attack despite this.

The problem started for Rep. Nunes when he met with White House staff in April.

According to CNN:

“At the beginning of April, Democrats were accusing Nunes of coordinating with the Trump White House to derail the House Russia probe.

Nunes took a clandestine trip to the White House — one day after then-FBI Director James Comey announced that the FBI had been investigating the Trump campaign since last July — and returned, telling reporters he had discovered evidence which supported Trump’s claims that he was a victim of surveillance by the Obama administration.

But as Nunes’ story unraveled — and news emerged that the intelligence he reviewed was provided by White House staffers — pressure grew for him to step aside.

On April 6, Nunes announced via a carefully worded statement that he would let three other Republicans “temporarily take charge” of the investigation because he had become the subject of an ethics investigation into whether he mishandled classified information.

“Chairman Nunes has offered to step aside as the lead Republican on this particular probe, and I fully support his decision,” Ryan said at the time.

One day after he stepped aside, Nunes touted his strategy as a means to protect other Republicans from facing questions about his clandestine White House trip.

“I did something they never thought I would do — I stepped aside and I gave them a gift.

The gift is called Trey Gowdy,” Nunes said in audio of a speech to fellow California Republicans obtained by the Los Angeles Times this week. “And guess what? When these ethics charges are gone, then I’m going to be back again. I would like to thank you all for all your support. I know a lot of you are disappointed, but there is a method to why I did this.

The House Ethics Committee has launched an inquiry into the allegation. However, the ethics panel, so far, has ignored similar allegations lodged against the committee’s ranking member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.), who appears to have also disclosed classified information in public discussion of former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s intercepted conversation with the Russian ambassador.

Despite the fact that Rep. Nunes stated clearly he was “temporarily stepping aside” in the Russian probe, the liberal media has attacked him for “breaking his promise”.

The Atlantic said:

It was less than two months ago that Representative Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, temporarily recused himself from leading the panel’s Russia investigation amid allegations that he disclosed classified information in what his Democratic critics called an attempt to substantiate President Trump’s false claim that his predecessor ordered wiretaps on Trump Tower.

On Wednesday, the California Republican appeared to dive back into that inquiry, exercising his authority as chairman to unilaterally issue subpoenas to the intelligence community for information on the alleged improper “unmasking” of Trump campaign officials referred to in intelligence reports by members of the Obama administration.

Nunes’s move prompted an outcry from Democrats and ethics watchdog groups, who accused Nunes of violating the terms of his recusal from the Russia investigation.

“This is an incredibly inappropriate action, and it is a matter that the House Ethics Committee must look at promptly. Nunes is supposed to be completely out of the Russia investigation,” said Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21.”

It is preposterous to infer that Rep. Nunes recused himself, when The Atlantic itself said, The California Republican announced abruptly on Thursday he would step aside from the inquiry while the House Ethics Committees investigates his actions.

“The charges are entirely false and politically motivated, and are being leveled just as the American people are beginning to learn the truth about the improper unmasking of the identities of U.S. citizens and other abuses of power,” Nunes said in a statement.”

Why does this matter?  Because he never “recused” himself.

Recused means: “to remove (oneself) from participation to avoid a conflict of interest.”  This is not the same thing as “step aside.”  What he said was he was stepping aside so the committee could do its work.

All this is smoke and mirrors designed to distract people from the real problem: That the Obama administration unmasked American citizens from US intelligence reports on foreign nationals in order to spy on the Trump campaign.

What Rep. Nunes did was subpoena three former high-level Obama officials who may have had knowledge of the US government spying on the Trump campaign.

This is NOT involvement in the Russia investigation.

This latest probe is unmasking how the former administration used US intelligence services to intercept emails and other communication in the campaign.

While most of the media is following Trump’s alleged connections to the Russians, the bigger story is the “weaponizing” of US intelligence for political advantage by the Obama administration.

Most American names are blacked out of intelligence reports, but these three officials asked for copies without the redactions, turning an international investigation into surveillance on US citizens.

Why these three Obama appointees wanted to know who the Americans were in these emails, and does it amount to warrantless spying on US citizens and misuse of the NSA to spy on political opponents – those are the questions.

American citizens should be insisting that we get to bottom of this.  If US tax dollars and US intelligence services were being used to help a political party, then there should be public accountability.