There is a new domestic terrorist threat.

The FBI has identified black extremist identity groups as terrorists.

And they uncovered an awful plot for what they have planned for cops.

These groups sprung up in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

His death sparked what became known as the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Now black identity extremists are taking it to the next level by plotting acts of domestic terrorism that target police officers for assassination and other acts of violence.

Fox News reports:

“The FBI report said that the agency previously had analyzed the potential for violence of black identity extremism, a term that was unfamiliar before it appeared in the document. What has changed, according to the report, is that violence has now actually occurred and is ‘likely” to continue.

It is very likely that BIEs’ perceptions of unjust treatment of African-Americans and the perceived unchallenged illegitimate actions of law enforcement will inspire premeditated attacks against law enforcement over the next year,” the report said. “It is very likely additional controversial police shootings of African-Americans and the associated legal proceedings will continue to serve as drivers for violence against law enforcement.”

Attacks in which police officers are targeted have been on the rise in recent years. The most high-profile such incident occurred last year in Dallas, when a gunman named Micah Johnson hid in a parking garage and fired on 11 police officers, killing five of them, during a protest against officer-involved shootings. The FBI report noted that Johnson referred to anger over police shootings and toward whites as what drove him to kill the five police officers.”

Black Lives Matter leaders and organizations immediately threw down the race card and accused the FBI of racial profiling.

But it was at Black Lives Matter protests where pro-cop killer chants “pig in a blanket, fry’em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead cops!” were heard.

Terrorists took these chants to the next level by murdering cops as payback.

One black identity extremist in Dallas, Texas assassinated five police officers as revenge for the tragic deaths of young black men in encounters with the police.

Experts swatted down Black Lives Matters objections and praised the report as necessary.

Fox News also reports:

“But others say that the FBI is correctly sounding an alarm about a serious trend.

“It’s not racial profiling, it’s violence profiling,” Scott Walter, president of Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank, told Fox News. “Identity politics can kill, whether it’s white identity politics, which killed in Charlottesville, or black identity politics, which kills cops.”

“We have to be able to distinguish between free speech and violence,” Walter said. “[Many] longtime [black] activist groups were not obsessed with violence.”

Randy Sutton, a former Las Vegas law enforcement official who now is the national spokesman for Blue Lives Matter, told Fox News that the FBI report makes official what he and others in police work have been observing in recent years.

“Nobody is saying anything negative about protests,” Sutton said, “Protesting is everyone’s right. This is about commiting acts of violence. Many Black Lives Matter protests call for violence against police, with chants like ‘What do we want?’ and ‘Dead cops!’ It’s terrorism, and it’s no different than Islamic terrorism.”

The killings of police officers are being done to advance a political agenda.

That makes them acts of terrorism.

The FBI is right to point out this rising threat to law enforcement.

The “Ferguson effect” – named after police officers who became reluctant to engage in situations where they felt they could become the next target of Black Lives Matter – is not only dangerous to police officers, but the communities they serve and protect.

If cops don’t feel safe on the streets it will increase the danger citizens could encounter.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.