CNN is falling out of favor fast.

In the past 30 days alone, CNN has done enough damage to irreversibly ruin their reputation as a news network.

Between fake news scandals and hidden cameras catching employees admitting the Russia story is nothing more than a cheap ratings ploy, CNN is in a race to the bottom of the fake news barrel.

But that wasn’t the worst of CNN’s problems.

CNN was also in the middle of the Kathy Griffin scandal, in which she posed with a fake severed head of the President.

The Daily Caller reports:

Late on Tuesday, May 30, TMZ published images of CNN’s New Years Eve co-host, Kathy Griffin, taking part in a photoshoot with a mock severed head of President Trump. The story quickly blew up. Influential news aggregator Matt Drudge placed CNN’s ties to Griffin front and center on his site, the Drudge Report.

CNN cut ties with Griffin the next day, May 31, but it was too late to effectively distance the network from the media tornado surrounding Griffin’s actions.

The far-left network later dug its grave deeper when it was caught creating a fake news narrative about anti-terrorist protests.

In early June, CNN was caught red-handed staging a Muslim anti-ISIS protest after a reporter was caught on camera directing where actors should stand with their signs.

The Daily Caller reports:

Two days later, on June 5, CNN was forced to address claims that it “staged” a Muslim anti-ISIS protest after video emerged of CNN reporter Becky Anderson directing protesters where to stand with their signs. Drudge featured an article from right-wing blog The Gateway Pundit about the video titled, “SHOCK VIDEO: CNN Creates #FakeNews in London Following Terror Attacks, Stages Anti-ISIS Muslim Protesters.”

CNN refuted claims the protests were staged, but the damage had already been done.

Later that week, the real scandals started to emerge.

On June 6th, CNN reported that former FBI Director James Comey was going to refute President Trump’s claims about not being under federal investigation, when in fact, Comey confirmed that fact.

Right-wing media sites were quick to hold CNN accountable for their lies, before the story was redacted.

The Daily Caller writes:

The botched story had four bylines, including those of three veteran journalists: anchor Jake Tapper, chief political analyst Gloria Borger and executive editor Eric Lichtblau, who had recently joined CNN from The New York Times. CNN was forced to rewrite the piece with a correction noting the error.

That story was among more than a dozen negative articles about CNN featured on the Drudge Report over the last month, according to a Daily Caller review of an online archive of the site. The Drudge Report often sets the tone for other conservative media sites, and Drudge has kept the pressure on CNN over the last month.

The two most recent incidents occurred only this week, but are some of the worst yet.

A CNN reporter was not only caught on camera bashing Trump and claiming the network was full of it, but CNN botched a Trump-Russia story and was forced to redact it quickly, also resulting in three employees resigning.

The Daily Caller reports:

CNN’s nightmare month continued last week when published, deleted, and then retracted and apologized for, an article that claimed Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci was the subject of a Senate investigation for his ties to Russian bankers. Three key members of CNN’s investigative team resigned on Monday for their role in the retracted story. Lichtblau, the executive editor who co-authored the botched Comey story, was among those who resigned.

Late Monday night, conservative activist James O’Keefe released hidden-camera video that showed a CNN producer, John Bonifield, saying that Trump was “probably right” that the Trump-Russia story was a “witch hunt.”

CNN is currently in a public relations nightmare.

Its viewers are losing faith in the network’s ability to report anything but lies and fake news.

A source claimed CNN employees have reportedly become “depressed” after three resignations and a month of destroying their already thin reputation as a media franchise.

The Daily Caller writes:

The month of drama appears to be taking a toll on CNN’s employees. A depressed atmosphere settled over the company after the three resignations, CNN sources told BuzzFeed. “It’s been a tough week but I’m proud to work at a place that corrects mistakes and values transparency on them,” reporter Andrew Kaczynski wrote on Twitter Tuesday night.

If anything, it was proven this month that CNN is very fake news, and should not be allowed to air the lies it attempts to force on the American people in order to promote their liberal agenda.

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