Hillary Clinton is blaming everyone this week for her defeat.

She started by blaming the Russians, but Democratic operatives are now pointing out the reality that their polling data showed Hillary was in trouble in WI and MI, yet she refused to campaign there.

With their tongues planted in their cheeks, they are sarcastically asking, “Did the Russian’s mask Wisconsin?”

Even liberal Al Franken thinks Hillary should move on already with her defeat.

And after Clinton pointed her finger at James Comey, Wikileaks, “1000 Russian agents”, prognosticators who played up her “assumption” she was going to win, and several other culprits on Wednesday for her loss to Donald Trump, it finally all proved to be too much even for CNN.

During a round table discussion with DC reporters, host John King dismissed her excuses by saying, “You don’t understand – the Russians cloaked Wisconsin,” referring to Clinton ignoring the battleground state until it was too late.

“So she couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there,” he added.

You can watch the discussion here:

Sen. Al Franken told Yahoo Global News anchor Katie Couric last Thursday that Hillary Clinton should “move on” from her failed presidential bid.

The Minnesota senator’s remarks came a day after Clinton told a tech conference she was unfairly targeted during the 2016 campaign, arguing the media paid more attention to her own personal scandals than reports of Russian interference in the election.

“I love Hillary. I think she is very prepared to be president of the United States … and I think she has a right to analyze what happened, but we do have to move on,” Franken said.

But the most damaging attacks came from the head of the Democratic National Committee:

“Hillary blames DNC data operation for her loss – DNC data director Andrew Therriault calls that ‘f**king bull**it’.”

The DNC wasn’t responsible for Hillary collapsing on the campaign trail. They weren’t behind the coughing fits, the weeks she went home to rest, or the weird coke-bottle shades.

They didn’t tell her to label half the country “deplorables”, make that bizarre ‘fifty points ahead’ video, or run a completely nebulous campaign apparently based solely on the idea that “it was her turn.”

As Therriault pointed out, Hillary’s party didn’t tell her to take the Midwest for granted. In fact, we now know they begged her to campaign there.

The DNC does have some culpability when it comes to rigging the primary against Bernie and aiding Hillary’s goal of ensuring Donald Trump was her opponent, but again, they were just helping her get what she wanted.


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