Jeff Sessions has had a target on his back since the day Donald Trump nominated him for Attorney General.

Democrats have cooked up all sorts of nonsense reasons for why he should be fired or resign from office.

Now Elizabeth Warren has drummed up the most insane justification for firing Sessions ever.

Liberals have harped on Sessions’ confirmation testimony where he said he never had any contacts with Russians during the Trump campaign.

Deep State leakers smeared Sessions by revealing that as part of his official Senate duties, he met twice with the Russian Ambassador.

Democrats quickly accused Sessions of perjuring himself, but Sessions was only asked about the meetings that took place when he was an official Trump surrogate.

It’s all nonsense to keep the fake news Russia story in the headlines so the media can use it distract the Trump White House.

Elizabeth Warren seized on the Russia story to use it as an excuse to demand Trump fire Sessions.

Breitbart reports:

Monday on CNN’s “The Axe Files,” a podcast from the University of Chicago, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), said Attorney General Jeff Sessions needed “to be fired.”

Sessions is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday, where he will be questioned about Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony last week about the attorney general’s role in Comey’s meetings with President Donald Trump.

Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election because he failed to disclose two meetings with the Russian ambassador during his confirmation hearings.

In referring to the incident where Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) shut down Warren for criticizing Sessions, she said, “I opposed Sessions for being Attorney General of the United States. And you may remember, I got sent away from the Senate for that and got shut down and not allowed to speak again until after the vote. That was the rule. I could not speak again until the Senate had had a chance to vote on Jeff Sessions.”

She added, “He needs to be fired. He needs to be taken out of that job. If you’re not going to be honest during your confirmation hearing, then you ought to be gone.”

Warren was picking up on a thread started by former FBI Director Comey in his testimony.

Comey claimed Sessions had a third undisclosed meeting with the Russian Ambassador at the Mayflower Hotel that he could only talk about in a closed setting.

The implication was that Sessions engaged in some sort of suspicious behavior or possible wrongdoing.

The Department of Justice knocked that down, and Sessions will testify that he never met with the Russian Ambassador nor had a private conversation with him at the Mayflower Hotel.

Axios reports:

  • In his closed session with senators last week, former FBI director James Comey reportedly told them about classified intelligence that suggested an undisclosed meeting between the two men at this event.
  • A source close to Sessions tells me the Attorney General was at the event but doesn’t recall any interaction with Kislyak and certainly didn’t peel off for a private meeting.
  • You should also expect Sessions to describe the source material for this charge, gathered from intercepted communications between Russians, as of a dubious veracity.

Warren is using false testimony to smear Sessions and demand his firing.

Will it work?

Give us your thoughts in the comment section.


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