Elizabeth Warren is blasting the GOP.

She’s outraged over their legislation to partially repeal Obamacare.

But her rhetoric opposing the bill crossed the line and left Americans praying the unthinkable never happens.

Warren ripped the Senate’s draft bill – which conservatives in the Senate oppose as not doing enough to repeal Obamacare – as “blood money” and that it will lead to people dying.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) accused Senate Republicans of using “blood money” to give wealthy Americans tax cuts after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released the draft of the Senate’s healthcare bill on Thursday.

“These cuts are blood money,” Warren said on the Senate floor. “People will die.”

More specifically, Warren added that “Senate Republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with American lives.”

So much for unity.

After James T. Hodgkinson – a fervent Bernie Sanders supporter – attempted to assassinate Congressional Republicans, calls to tone down overheated rhetoric on the left fell on deaf ears.

Liberals routinely assail Trump as a traitor and his supporters as bigots.

Hodgkinson was a member of a Facebook group that featured extremist language about the GOP in its title and believed fake news reports about Trump betraying America by being in cahoots with Russia.

The strident left-wing echo chamber has radicalized their base to the point where one of them tried to murder his political opponents.

Warren’s rhetoric was over the top.

It’s a call to arms to oppose the GOP bill, but charged words like “blood money” are beyond the pale.

Greg Gutfeld – co-host of The Five – called out Warren for her outrageous comments.

Mediaite reports:

Greg Gutfeld slammed Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and other Democrats Thursday night for their response to the Senate GOP healthcare bill, especially in the wake of last week’s assassination attempt on Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and other Republican lawmakers.

“When we’re talking about, you know, bad language and violent imagery,” Gutfeld began, “and you have Liz Warren calling this ‘blood money, paying for tax cuts with American lives.’”

He then looked directly at the camera to take aim at the Senator.

“And you wonder why these things happen, Liz? Huh? Maybe you should watch yourself saying those things after what happened!”

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