Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against the President is reaching its end game.

Mueller is in search of the one final piece of the puzzle he can use to recommend Congress impeach Donald Trump.

But Trump is about to say the one word that will shut him down for good.

Mueller is looking for an interview with the President.

Prosecutors are billing it as a way to clear up the record by getting the President’s side of the story.

Any instinct Trump had to take them at their word flew out the window when Mueller passed along information that led to the FBI invading the offices and home of his attorney Michael Cohen.

Now Trump may be on the verge of telling Mueller there will be no interview.

NBC News reports:

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office and President Donald Trump’s legal team are now proceeding with strategies that presume a presidential interview will likely not take place as part of the Russia investigation, after months of talks between the two sides collapsed earlier this week, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

On Monday Trump’s lawyers were discussing a possible interview with Mueller’s team and had begun to hash out the final sticking points, including the timing, scope and length, according to people familiar with the discussions. One person familiar with the strategy said the president’s lawyers had sought over the weekend to expand his legal team to include individuals who would prepare him for an interview. Another person familiar with the matter, however, said preparations had not yet gone that far.

But the prospects for a presidential interview drastically dimmed once the FBI raided the home, office and hotel room of Trump’s long-time personal lawyer, Michael Cohen on Monday, these people said. The president criticized the raid as out of bounds in Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with Trump aides.”

NBC also reports that Mueller’s team hope to use the interview as the basis for a report on whether Trump intended to obstruct justice between May and July last year.

Trump supporters have warned the President that Mueller is not acting in good faith.

The only reason he wants an interview with the President is to set up a perjury trap.

Mueller has nothing on collusion or obstruction of justice.

So he needs to create the grounds for Congress to remove the President.

He can only do that if Trump sits for an interview.

If in the course of the prosecutors questioning him, should Trump misremember the date of a meeting, what was said in a meeting, or who attended the meeting, Mueller can claim Trump lied to investigators.

Trump and his lawyers are absolutely correct in rejecting an interview with Mueller.

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