Chuck Schumer has taken his opposition to Donald Trump to a sickening new low.

Schumer and the Democrats are desperate to deny Trump a victory of any kind.

Trump had enough and dropped the hammer on Schumer with this tweet.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Schumer fumed about Trump’s successful summit with Kim Jong Un.

The Democrat leader ranted, “The summit was more show than substance, what the Texans call ‘all cattle, no hat.’”

“In past agreements with North Korea, the United States won far stronger language on denuclearization, and we won specific measures to ensure that North Korea was taking steps in that direction.”

Trump fired back by writing:

“Chuck Schumer said “the Summit was what the Texans call all cattle and no hat.” Thank you Chuck, but are you sure you got that right? No more nuclear testing or rockets flying all over the place, blew up launch sites. Hostages already back, hero remains coming home & much more!”

The summit was a massive success for Trump.

And most importantly – the people directly affected cheered the President’s diplomatic effort.

A poll of South Koreans found a whopping 66 percent viewed the outcome of the summit as a success, and 53 percent believed the North Koreans would follow through on Kim Jong Un’s promise to denuclearize.

Trump gave up nothing.

He agreed to suspend military drills with South Korea.

But unless you believe the United States should be preparing for war on the Korean Peninsula, Trump offered nothing of any value to get North Korea to denuclearize.

Schumer’s comments were all the more ridiculous in light of the failures of previous Presidents when dealing with North Korea.

The New York Democrat claimed previous administrations secured tougher agreements – but North Korea only continued to march forward with their rogue nuclear weapons program.

Conservatives believe that since every other approach failed, Trump’s one-on-one diplomacy with Kim Jong Un is worth supporting.

Democrats are in no mood to show national unity with Trump on any issue.

Comedian Michelle Wolf – who disgraced herself with a profane and crude performance at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner – polled the live audience for her Netflix show and found 71 percent would rather see Trump fail to achieve peace with North Korea than be forced to give the President credit.

Schumer was speaking for his party’s base when he ripped the President’s efforts.

It was a shameful act that proved the Democrats are more invested in Donald Trump’s failure than in America succeeding.

Trump attacked the left’s lack of patriotism when he wrote:

“The denuclearization deal with North Korea is being praised and celebrated all over Asia. They are so happy! Over here, in our country, some people would rather see this historic deal fail than give Trump a win, even if it does save potentially millions & millions of lives!”

Republican voters are loyal to Trump because unlike George W. Bush, Trump defends himself.

Instead of sitting back and absorbing the political punches because it’s “Presidential-like,” Trump fights back against smear merchants like Chuck Schumer.

If Chuck Schumer and the Democrats don’t want their patriotism questioned, then they shouldn’t be rooting for Trump to fail on the global stage.

Do you think President Trump’s diplomacy with North Korea will succeed?

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