House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been leading a one man charge against anti-Trump forces in the government.

His investigation produced the evidence that the FBI had used the fake news Russia dossier to spy on the Trump campaign.

And now he’s using the one word that could bring down one of the Deep State’s key figures.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is at the center of the Department of Justice’s pushback against Nunes’ investigation.

Rosenstein has fought tooth-and-nail not to turn over documents that Nunes’ Committee has subpoenaed.

Nunes and other Republicans frustrations with Rosenstein are reaching a boiling point.

And in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Channel, Nunes said all options to force Rosenstein to comply were on the table – including impeachment.

“We can’t force the resignation, but we can hold in contempt, we can pass resolutions, we can impeach. I think we’re getting close to there.”

Rosenstein’s behavior has been appalling.

The Deputy Attorney General claimed Congress exercising their oversight authority as laid out in Article I of the Constitution was an act of extortion.

When asked if he was willing to press forward with impeaching Rosenstein, Nunes answered with one word: “Absolutely.”

Nunes stated in the interview that Republicans had given the Department of Justice until Wednesday to produce the documents regarding the FBI dispatching a spy to infiltrate the Trump campaign:

“If documents do not begin to be turned over tomorrow, and a clear way and path forward for everything else is not clear…there’s going to be hell to pay by Wednesday morning.”

“I can tell you it’s not going to be pretty.”

Rosenstein slow-walking the document requests has led to suspicions that the Department of Justice and the FBI are covering up something horrible.

If there was nothing to hide, why not just comply with the House Intelligence Committee’s subpoena?

Critics believe the worst is yet to come.

The scandal surrounding the FBI’s Russia investigation continues to grow.

News outlets have reported multiple different origins for the investigation.

And last March when Trump tweeted that Obama had “wiretapped” him, he was dismissed by many in the media as a conspiracy theorist.

But first it was learned that the FBI used the fake news Russia dossier as the basis to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page.

Then it was revealed that the FBI deployed a human spy to try and infiltrate the campaign and learn if anyone had colluded with the Russians.

This raised another question.

The FBI spy reached out to Trump campaign officials before the FBI claimed the investigation officially began.

Was this spy acting on his own or was the FBI lying about when they really began investigating the Trump campaign?

In addition, critics are wondering if the FBI was really investigating possible Russian collusion or if they sent spies to try and entrap the Trump campaign and frame them for collusion.

These are all pressing questions that cannot be answered until Rosenstein complies with Congresses document requests.

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