Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.35.30 AMDonald Trump has raised the ire of more than a few conservatives by softening his call for a ban on Muslims coming into the country and insisting they can come, provided the process for vetting them is extremely well thought out, tight and controlled.

Earlier in the campaign Trump won over the hearts of conservatives concerned about the growing number of anti-American Muslims coming into the country by insisting there would be an outright ban on their immigration.

Yet in an interview with “60 Minutes” Trump downplayed his call for a total ban and said he would allow them in the country provided they were well-vetted.

CBS pressed him on the difference between a ban and a vetting process asking him if he flip-flopped to which Trump replied, “Call it whatever you want.”

In the months he’s been making his Presidential push Trump has been asked to clarify comments about the ban on Muslims.

So far he’s said the ban in question would actually be a temporary ban, a ban that would effectively keep America safe by banning Muslims from coming into the country until a system was created so immigration officials could effectively vet any newcomers.

In other interviews he’s softened his stance to say he only wants to prevent Muslims with known terror ties from coming into the country. This seems to be the position he’s most likely to adhere to as he further explained what he meant while discussing his plans with CBS.

“Change territories, but there are territories and terror states and terror nations that we’re not going to allow the people to come into our country… “We’re going to have a thing called ‘extreme vetting.’ And if people want to come in, there’s going to be extreme vetting. We’re going to have extreme vetting. They’re going to come in and we’re going to know where they came from and who they are.”

So who exactly would that keep out?

Definitely Syrian refugees.

In statements to the press Trump said no one from the war torn country would be allowed to come into the nation. He persisted in making this a defining policy for his administration. Trump said “[we will] not let people in from Syria that nobody knows who they are.”

Of course this means people wouldn’t be allowed in the country based on where they’re from…and not because of what they believe.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Trump insisted he cared more about banning people in from different countries and their religion didn’t matter as much. “I don’t want people coming in – I don’t want people coming in from certain countries. I don’t want people coming in from the terror countries. You have terror countries. I don’t want them unless they’re very, very strongly vetted.”

Of course that differs in large degrees from what he said in December 2015 where he said he wanted a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

The call to ban Muslims is what drew so many conservatives into his camp…and now that he’s doing something different some are worried Trump might just be saying whatever he can to win the election.

The question is do you think Trump is being genuine considering the shift in his calls to ban people from different regions as opposed to banning known Muslims from coming in…or is he just saying whatever he can to keep his lead over Hillary?

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