After months of speculation and innuendo, former FBI Director Jim Comey finally testified before Congress.

Would he bury Trump? Or would his answers finally undercut the Deep State campaign against the President.

Comey’s shocking answers revealed the truth about the most explosive allegations.

The central allegation Comey was expected to address was if his conversation with Trump where he said he hoped Comey would drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn rose to the standard of obstruction of justice.

Comey tried to dance around the answer by claiming it wasn’t for him to decide that question.

But pundits pointed out Comey’s answer was nonsense and was his way of signaling he didn’t believe Trump’s conduct was criminal.

Comey was pressed further on this point and was forced to admit in all his years in law enforcement, he had never seen anyone prosecuted for their “hope” that something would happen.

This was a bitter day for the left.

It began with high hopes.

Bars in D.C. opened early to celebrate Comey’s testimony so liberals could revel in what they expected to be Trump’s political execution.

But it all turned out to be for naught.

Comey didn’t have the goods.

The whole investigation is exactly what Trump said it was – fake news and a witch hunt.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


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