Thanks to liberal antics, President Trump just can’t catch a break.

Now the left is pushing for Trump to face obstruction of justice charges in the Mike Flynn case.

But Ken Starr, the former special prosecutor of Bill Clinton, believes there is not enough evidence to suggest Donald Trump actually interfered in the investigation of Michael Flynn – despite what the left wants to believe.

In a recent interview with CNN, Starr relayed his doubts about President Trump’s guilt.

The Daily Caller reported:

“It’s too soon to tell. From what I’ve seen — and of course we don’t know a whole lot — the answer is no,” Starr said, when asked if one could bring reasonably bring a case against the embattled president.

The interview came just a day after it was reported that Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed to the Russian inquiry, was looking into any potential obstruction of justice issues.

Democrats believe President Trump attempted to convince former FBI director James Comey to drop the investigation against Mike Flynn – a fallacy Comey refuted under oath.

The Daily Caller reported:

Obstruction issues emerged during a Feb. 14 meeting in the Oval Office, when the president told former FBI Director James Comey that he hoped his disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn would elude criminal prosecution.

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” the president told Comey, according to testimony the former director gave before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence June 8. The president cleared the room of senior administration officials, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and senior advisor Jared Kushner.

Starr admits the President’s words are open for interpretation, but he does not believe Trump is guilty of trying to hinder the investigation.

Nonetheless, liberals are pushing for an investigation, and further bombarding the President when he is simply trying to do what he thinks is best for America.

The Daily Caller reported:

Though Starr says the president’s words are open to interpretation — and do not evince the “corrupt mindset” necessary for an obstruction charge — other individuals have been convicted of obstruction on the basis of expressing “hope.”

The Democratic Party and their witch hunts against the President seem relentless and are growing old.

Do you think liberals are grasping at straws in order to denounce President Trump?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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