Washington is on edge.

Pundits are speculating that Donald Trump might fire Robert Mueller.

So Chuck Schumer spoke from the Senate floor and his remarks left jaws on the ground.

Schumer begged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass legislation protecting Mueller from being fired by Trump.

He knows Mueller is on a fishing expedition, and as a partisan Democrat, supports any effort to hurt Trump.

So his speech on the Senate floor was nothing more than a naked appeal to try and drive a wedge between Trump and Senate Republicans, while keeping the media narrative about the dangers of firing Mueller alive.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Senator Chuck Schumer gave a speech Tuesday in which he called on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring legislation preventing President Trump from firing special counsel Rob Mueller to the floor for a vote.

“Yesterday’s events could only have been the result of a rigorous legal process with checks every step of the way and with a very high burden of proof,” the Minority Leader stated. “Last night, President Trump said the FBI raid was a disgrace, part of a witch hunt, an attack on our country and mentioned that many people have encouraged him to fire Mr. Mueller. ‘We’ll see what happens,’ he concluded.”

Schumer argued that, “for months, Republicans have said that legislation to protect the special counsel is not needed because they’ve been assured by nameless people that the president won’t fire the special counsel.”

“That assurance has been shaken by the president’s comments last night.”

“The president suggests that the latest events are part of a partisan conspiracy against him,” he continued. “I’d remind the president that the source of the referral, special counsel Mueller is a lifelong Republican. The deputy attorney general who signed off on the study, Rod Rosenstein, is a Republican appointed by President Trump.”

Schumer specifically called on the Senate to “take steps to protect the special counsel from political interference.”

“We have several bipartisan bills designed to do just that,” he explained. “Majority Leader McConnell should bring them to the floor and let us debate them very soon.”

If Mueller can’t produce evidence that leads to Trump’s impeachment or resignation, then the only chance for the swamp to drive him from office is for an unending Mueller witch hunt.

Their hope is that Trump will die a political death of a thousand cuts through a constant drip-drip-drip of sensationalized negative headlines.

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