Donald Trump’s election left liberals in a daze.

But that is nothing compared to how they have handled his Presidency.

Chelsea Clinton’s over the top reaction in one interview proved one thing about the left.

They are never going to accept Donald Trump’s legitimacy as President.

Clinton was being interview by Teen Vogue as part of her book tour.

She was asked how she would explain the year 2017 to her daughter.

Clinton seized on the left’s feeling of bewilderment and resistance with her answer.

Teen Vogue reports:

“TV: Given that one of the themes of the book is about not forgetting our history, how would you explain 2017 to your children when they ask what it was like?

CC: Oh goodness. Well, [I have no idea what tomorrow] is gonna look like. I don’t say that in the general sense of I’m not prescient and none of us have a crystal ball (although, I’m not prescient and none of us have a crystal ball). But every day seems so improbable. Come back to me on December 31st and I’ll have a better sense on how I’ll might explain 2017, because we’re not even halfway through the year and none of us could have foreseen [what has happened].

That being said… As Maya Angelou said — which is something I know I’ve quoted on Twitter and off, and others have as well — “when someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.” It has been very clear who Mr. Trump is for about longer than you or I have been alive. Unfortunately, we are just seeing that play out in ways that should not be surprising on a personal level for him, but I hope continue to be surprising for our country because we are better than this. And we have to continue to prove we are better than this because, quite literally, our children’s futures depend on it.”

She is right about Americans not being able to have foreseen what happened.

But it’s not from the side she thinks.

Trump supporters – and Trump himself – were shocked at the levels of resistance from the left after the results of the November election.

From day one the left has tried to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency through illegal leaks of classified information, fake news conspiracy theories and violent protests.

Trumps’ actions in 2017 are easy to explain.

He is acting to put in place the policies the American people voted for.

They wanted America First at the border, in trade, and in foreign policy.

Trump is fighting for that agenda.

He’s cracked down on illegal immigration and border crossings have plummeted.

Trump has pulled out of the Trans Pacific Partnership and started the process of renegotiating NAFTA.

And in foreign policy, Trump has resisted the calls for a wider war in Syria, reoriented Middle Eastern policy to turn the Gulf States against Iran, and pushed NAFTA countries to pay their fair share for defense.

The fact that Chelsea Clinton can’t explain how Trump is acting as President in 2017 – after he told the country exactly what he intended to do during his campaign – speaks to the level of delusion on the left.


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