Barack Obama’s plan to sabotage Donald Trump started even earlier than anyone thought.

It all started when Obama held a series of shadowy closed door meetings after the election.

And what happened next is bad news for Donald Trump.

The New York Times published exclusive excerpts from former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes’ upcoming memoir entitled, “The World as It Is.”

In the book, Rhodes depicts Obama meeting with foreign leaders and encouraging them to undermine Donald Trump.

The Times reported:

“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan apologized for breaching protocol by meeting with Mr. Trump at Trump Tower in Manhattan after the election. Mr. Obama urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada to take on a more vocal role defending the values they shared.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany told Mr. Obama that she felt more obliged to run for another term because of Mr. Trump’s election to defend the liberal international order. When they parted for the final time, Ms. Merkel had a single tear in her eye. “She’s all alone,” Mr. Obama noted.”

This is unprecedented.

For all the media blabbering about how Donald Trump is “violating norms,” it is really Obama who is subverting American tradition in order to destabilize democracy.

Never before has an outgoing American President colluded with foreign leaders to undermine the incoming Commander-in-Chief.

This excerpt shows where Obama’s true loyalty lies.

And it is not with America or its people.

Obama is committed to globalism and the “liberal” world order.

The leaders Obama schemed with to attack Trump are all open borders, pro-foreign intervention, pro-international trade deal globalists.

Former Presidents normally remain silent once they are out of office.

America can only have one Commander-in-Chief at a time.

George W. Bush famously refrained from any criticism of Barack Obama and stated that he owed Obama his silence.

Obama violated that norm after Trump took office when he began lobbing pot shots at the Trump administration.

But Rhodes’ book makes it clear Obama’s scheme to undermine Trump took root far earlier and it is far greater in scope than previously imagined.

Obama enlisted foreign leaders to attack Trump.

This is an unbelievable act of disloyalty and reveals Obama’s true lack of patriotism.

To Barack Obama, liberal values such as open borders, trade deals, and identity politics come before love of country.

These leaders don’t see America as special or unique.

They view America as one cog in a global order where borders are meaningless and nations act in a collective good.

The American people rebelled against this type of America Last thinking when they elected Trump.

Obama, Trudeau, and Merkel assume the liberal world order is good because they sit atop it.

They never stop to question the consequences of unlimited migration, endless war, and unfettered global trade for the people they were selected to govern.

Trump gave a voice to the people who were left behind and Trump has acted to put America First.

The President has exited Obama’s Iran Deal, the TPP, and the Paris Global Warming Accords.

Trump is engaged in renegotiating NAFTA and is working on a plan to pull American forces out of Syria by the fall.

By every measure, Trump has torn down the pillars of the liberal world order that benefited the elites like Obama, but devastated the heartland of America.

Obama saw this coming and engaged in collusion with foreign leaders to try and stop Trump.

But as is typical of Obama, he failed.