Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 8.14.32 AMDemocrats in The House of Representatives who started a desperate attempt to terrorize opponents of their gun-control schemes have just received some bad news.

After a “hard fight,” a long list of Democrats who sat on the floor took naps, ate Chick-Fil-A and revealed how truly impotent they are at affecting change. And they’re now being served up an ethical complaint on behalf of a constitutional rights foundation. Punishment very well could be on the horizon.

So what exactly did the Democrats do after plopping their derrieres on the floor of the house that would cause them to earn an ethics complaint?

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust said the Democrats misused the opportunity by sending no less than half a dozen fundraising emails from the floor while also using unauthorized images of the House in an attempt to raise support for their cause.

Among those who would have committed an ethics violation are House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Jared Huffman, D-Calif.

Pelosi actively sent emails requesting donations during the sit-in and Huffman asked supporters to join a political petition while including a photo of the House floor.

Matthew Whitaker of the foundation stated in the Foundation’s official complaint the actions of the Democrats flew in the face of the established code of ethics for lawmakers.

In their statement the Foundation wrote:

“Not only do these email solicitations tied directly to official acts reflect poorly on the House of Representatives, the emails are directly contrary to the purposes and prohibitions of the ethics rules,” the organization’s executive director, Matthew Whitaker, wrote in the complaint.

“This type of behavior is precisely why the public distrusts elected officials.”

If you were wondering how opportunistic the Democrats were during this time you should know many of the lawmakers turned to social media outlets like Facebook and used their mobile devices to make appeals to their constituents.

This despite being told by the House sergeant-at-arms to put their phones away several times.

Apparently it wasn’t just the 26 hour sit-in told where Democrat lawmakers decide not to listen.

Most grievous in all of this is how the Democrats were resorted to these cockeyed schemes and tactics not to help further protect the United States constitution, but instead, to hack away at it. The entire sit-in was designed to make it so Americans would have less second amendment freedoms.

Because according to them the only way to prevent crime is to make more laws…which is actually illogical as more laws do nothing more than produce more criminals.
Of course the Democrats don’t seem to care. Even though they’ve been roundly defeated on gun control measures numerous times they continue to throw themselves in front of the train over and over again, even if in so doing they violate ethics codes along the way.

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., whose bright idea it was to make a mockery of our legislative process was quite proud of their obstruction

In a tweet to followers he wrote: “We got in trouble. We got in the way. Good trouble. Necessary Trouble. By sitting-in, we were really standing up.”

The real question upon viewing these shenanigans is to ask yourself, did the Democrats get in enough trouble?

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